Friday, April 25, 2008


As many or all of you may know, I am moving to Halifax in 11 days, with my wonderful boyfriend, Adam.
We are moving onto South St. I am beyond excited to be close to the ocean, in a beautiful city and meet new people, and of course, ROBYN.
The other day I had to say bye to my first person and realized that this is really coming on soon, I leave Toronto in 4 days. Its really crazy. I started crying because I realized this was goodbye, well so long for now. Our going away party is tomorrow and I can just imagine how sad that is going to be. I will see Jamie the last time on Sunday, we will both cry our little hearts out.
Some of the people I will be leaving I have already left when I moved to Oakville or Toronto, some of them I really havent seen for 1-3 years. But we are all still good and pick up where we left off. I am pretty good with keeping in touch or at least knowing our stance on our friendship before I leave.
I will write more letters than I have ever written before.
I am starting this blog to keep those Ontarians updated on all the wonderful things out east. Its going to be a hell of an experience. I want to see the world and travel. We were both starting our careers, and come on, we are like 21, 22 and I dont want to start my life now. We both want to adventure and just get by and love life. Thats what life is about, and I am glad we had the guts to go out and live it.
So to all those people that dont actually want to be settled down right now, what is holding you back. go out and live your life, see the world.