Friday, January 1, 2010

homesick homesick.

i'd have to say im severely homesick.

i miss the winter. the cold snow. walking outside and breathing the fresh fresh air. if i could just have one month of that, i would be crazily happy. and im not even planning on going home again until sometime in 2011.

i miss simple little things. going on walks. hanging out outside. i would die to be on the docks right now, i dont even care how damn cold it is there. i miss simplicity. like going to the grocery store and not having everyone stare at me. and i miss cheese and sandwiches. and family. and friends.

when i was home i never took any of it for granted those 3 months, i loved and enjoyed every minute of it. the brie cheese, avocado, tomato sandwiches. the sleepovers with bestfriends. the beer and wine. the autumn leaves. the clean streets. all the cute little restaurants and shops (that i didnt go shopping at, but ate at}. people not being late. having good conversations. having family invite me over for dinner. feeling so loved and appreciated. driving with friends, and radio pop hits. taking the greyhound. heck, taking the grt. bestamor and everything about her and her house. uncle jens and aunt josies yard. sauble, though i never went while i was home. mommy and josh and anna-lise. wildlife. parks. picnics. long walks in toronto.

GOD. i fucking miss canada. i miss my friends. i miss my family. i miss everything.

this is so hard this time.