Tuesday, July 28, 2009

im going to fast in septemeber with denni for ramadan.
wish me luck...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whoa. Its been a long long while.

Ive been to bali, ive ya, a lot. Haha, now that I think I cant really think..

Bali was amazing. I went surfing, and boy, is it hard. I stood up about 4 times, and only really 2 times I would count. But I only went one day so I guess that’s good. I saw the opening parade for the arts fest, which was cool, but a lot of the same stuff over and over so we didn’t stay for the whole thing. I met lots of denni’s friends who were really rad. I was pretty sick the whole week so I didn’t drink that much. Kuta is kinda shitty, well, I mean, if you are looking for a party beach town, you definitely have it. I wasn’t really into it I guess, I was definitely into the food and the fact that they have a beautiful giant beach that I could just go down to whenever I want, but the fact that there were just so many kinda dude bro guys with their whorish girlfriends drunk all over the street wasn’t really that appealing. Needless to say, that is just kuta.

We borrowed denni’s friends motorbike and drove up to ubud for 2 days, it was lovely there. So rich in culture and fresh air. Well, all of bali has fresh air. But ubud had all these little cute cafes, and so so much culture. We went to the monkey forest, which was unbelievably scary. I was sitting on a ledge with a water bottle and monkey jumped on me and took my bottle out of my hands and I screamed, but just a little scream. There were just so many monkeys running around hissing and fighting and I was scared they would bite me and I would turn into a zombie. We went to a traditional market and I bought a batik dress and of course bartered the price and got it for just 5 bucks. I wore it to dinner, and dinner was so so nice. We went to this little restaurant by the river, the river is like a gorge and there is a big drop before you get to it, but we were at the top. I ordered a pumpkin curry soup and denni got potato skins with pineapple and peppers and this delicious sauce and obviously cheese, fuck it was amazing. Then for my meal I had a greek salad and asked for extra feta, since I haven’t eaten feta since Canada, it was so so good, and what goes better with that then a glass of red wine. Mmmm. Denni got beef stroganoff, I think, I cant really remember. In between our apps and meals, there was a parade that went by, so we went out to watch it, they were all dressed in traditional costume and had traditional make up, I seriously wondered and still do, if they do this on a regular basis, even daily? I don’t know though. When we finished dinner we had tickets to a traditional kecak fire dance. Sounds promising ya? On the walk there we saw the parade had finished and was coming back, though this time it wasn’t as festive and happy as before. They were carrying about 5 people that were all screaming as ghosts had entered their souls, again, I still wonder if this was just a show for the parade or if ghosts had really entered these people’s bodies and they were having a ceremonial parade to get them out. I’m gonna go ahead and say I believe the latter of the two. The traditional dance was really cool, they wear costumes and lots of make up. Ill just post a video at some point, its very hard to explain. But at the end they lit a bunch of coconut shells on fire and once they became coals, this man, dressed in costume, came out with his bare feet and was kicking around the hot burning coconut shell coals and they were flying all over, and even into the audience, it was very very funny, one hit a lady’s leg, one landed on someone’s lap. I mean, ya, it sounds very dancgerous, which Im sure it is but I just kept thinking, if this happened in Canada they would be shut down or sued or something, and just thought about how uptight people are.

The week went by so fast, but I got a sun tan, that I have since lost. And I really enjoyed myself but definitely would like to explore the island much much more. I would definitely recommend it for vacation. We paid tops 12$ for a room for the night, and it was a nice little cabin with free breakfast, no ac but its chilly there. I mean, probably not chilly compared to the -20 weather in the winter in Canada but compared to the 40 degree weather in medan. Its very very cheap for a tropical holiday, and you can drink beer on the beach, I think that’s definitely a plus for my dad, and you can drink beer just walking down the street actually.

I didn’t go bungee jumping, it was too much money by the end of the week. I had loads of fun, went to bars, denni puked on my foot, I bought lots of jewelery, ate soooo much western food and was just super stoked.

Lately ive just been trying to spend as little money as possible. Haha. I’m pretty sure I have a new job, I got a job offer, so I just have to contact the guy next week. I need to find a roommate cuz I don’t want to live alone. But it’s a pretty difficult task since everyone lives with their family until they get married, well most. Anyways, houses don’t come furnished here, so I will have to buy a fridge and furniture and all that shit, bummer. Wish me luck.

Next week my friend from Jakarta gets here. Im stoked. And then the weekend we will go to lake toba. Me and denni haven’t been to lake toba together yet so im stoked. There were so many things I wanted to say and now my mind is so lost. Uhhh. Well the internet is working at both schools now so hopefully I can update a little more often

Saya sayang kalian sekali!!!!