Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i just got back from prison.
i was not and have not been in prison. we were visiting my friend. he got arrested on saturday night for rolling a joint. it was and is, very sad. there was 23 people arrested in total. he was at a drug dealers house, just hanging out and the police came. arrested all of them. only one of my friends was there. he will be in jail for 4 years or he can pay 25 mil=2500$. but 8 of them must pay this to even let one person out. corruption is bad here. i feel so sad, and im trying to keep his girlfriend company.

on a lighter note, i go to bali in 2 sleeps, less than 48 hours. i am really really stoked. ill buy you souveniers. oh, i need to find a new job too. by septemeber.

the bell rang i should go to class.