Friday, February 27, 2009

i really honestly dont think anyone keeps up with this except my aunt, but i will keep updating for her, though i have not in a very long time.

since the last time i posted, 1.2 million, equivilant to 120$ got stolen from my room, and 2 weeks later, my camera, with all my pictures since december also got stolen. BALLS. this is totally balls, i had printed some of the photos, but definitely not all of the ones i wanted printed, so im pretty upset. we have been working on the security of our house cuz we (both, danny, denni and i) are all scared to stay there. the other night at 2 am, we heard a big loud bang, and i freaked out and denni was like call danny. danny lives on the 2nd floor and i live on the 3rd. so i called him and was like wtf? meet us on the stairs, bring a knife. haha, i open the door and denni is getting ready with a chair and then i look down and a piece of wood the cats were playing with had fallen down. UGH. we all were so scared cuz of the cats, this is the 2nd time i've been terrified and it was the cats.

this week i will book my flight to bali, in june!!! i am so so excited to go on a REAL holiday. also i bought an ipod, it was only 1.2 mil and 30 gigs, i missed my music so hard. we get a pay raise next month, so i guess that can replace my camera, or pay my bills.ugh.

i havent been doing much cuz i am so poor, but i am definitely enjoying my time. i miss everyone real bad, and even though i dont write you and tell you this, im always thinking about you guys, crying. you know. my job is getting easier and easier, ive like got the hang of things, but i still dont know this grammar shit worth shit!!!

im getting a kebaya made for denni's cousins wedding, i will be matching with his sisters, and they chose this terrible, horrible green colour for the skirt and shirt. the outside lacey thing is orange, which i would never in a million years choose, and then this god awful green. i really cannot stand the green so im buying new fabric for it, who knows if i will even match know, i just know if im paying money for this custome tailored traditional dress, i wanna actually like it. and i think i can deal with the orange cuz my hair is more blonde now and not so much red.

next week i will go to one of my students party's for her brother, its his circumcision party, when you are 12, YES, DUA BELAS, YES, TWELVE FRIGGEN YEARS OLD, you get circumsized, GILA. and then you have this huge party to say you are a man. anyways, i really like the student so denni and i will go. he says he remembers his party like this, and his experience, BAH. they dont put you under or anything, no meds, just snip that shit right off. wowzers.

anyone coming to visit?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have finally sent mail. I feel relieved. I have been feeling so bad about it. I have yet to send packages because it is really expensive, which really sucks because some of the things that I have for people are sorta winter based. I’ve been doing some projects with my classes though and am super stoked about it.

I lost my third cell phone in one month. This last one I feel the worst about. Denni bought it for me for Christmas and since he is Muslim, he has never bought a x-mas present for anyone, and I just feel so terrible about it. But life goes on and its not all that bad, I’m a pretty careless person. I should work on that.

OKAY, im so excited. Last night Denni wrote a song about me. Ah its so cute. And his band is recording this month. Im so giddy and little girlish and ridiculous.

My new roomie is cool, but apparently we are getting 2 40 something year olds living with us soon. Uh. The cats are doing good, but really driving me crazy, the big one at least, the babies are cute as pie. I cant wait for mommy to stop breast feeding so she can go back into the wild. She is NOT an indoor cat and I think she hates it.

I think im going to the jungle this weekend again. Danny hasn’t been yet and it will be nice to get out of medan for the weekend. Oh, I got a terrible sun burn and my shoulders look fucked up. I have this rash sorta thing before the sun burn and I went to the doctor and apparently it’s an allergic reaction to air or water or something, so im going to the dermatologist next week to figure out what the fuck it is. Because its like white dots and its going onto my tattoo and its really bothering me. But I want a tan so bad, I guess im a little darker but I wanna be brown. Its so weird, while I wanna be brown, denni is putting whitening cream on himself. AHH. Wtf. Drives me crazy. I’ve been going to the gym and feeling good.

Danny and me talk about here and how its so easy and simple and stress-free and thinking about western world is like AHH. I miss my friends and being able to do things so easily in Canada, order food, shop, ask for directions, but I think once I get the language down I’ll be okay. My Indonesian teacher got in a motorcycle accident though, so no indo lessons this week. He’s okay though, no biggie.

I’m getting sick, like sinus I think, fuck james, where you at girl. I will just get my rest and hope I don’t get too sick. I really wanna get a camera and start shooting again. I miss it. I want a toaster oven too, cuz yeah, I don’t have an oven and I want to make things like pizza and nachos and mac and cheese and beets. Ahh. Soon maybe I will buy one.

I’m tired, my schedule sucks today, 3-6 and 7-9. UH. Too much teaching. Tomorrow will be better. Hope you are all well and I miss you like WHOA.