Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have been trying to keep happy and busy, so far success. But I know deep down that I am not. But I am working on it!

Lindsay had an idea to do a cleanse/detox and i am following her lead. I think I am going to start the pre prep on Monday or Tuesday for 3-5 days and then get on this shit. It seems like a good idea, I hope I can make it. I am going to make myself make it. I am actually excited for it. THANK YOU LINDS. I will let you know how it goes. http://drbenkim.com/full-body-cleanse.htm this is the website we are basing it on, minus no cooked things. all raw.

On a totally different note, I was at work on Sunday and I work in the photolab with little contact from the rest of the store. I sit, I read, I basically dont do anything unless photos come in, which doesnt happen very often. Anyways, I developed 3 rolls of film from the same person, and the first roll was all good. Then I scanned the second roll, and the WHOLE film was sex. I am not sure if they used self timer, I actually really dont think they did because there is so many different angles and close ups, and I think they were just doing it for the camera? There was 69ing, blow jobs, vagina licking, and just full on sex. I was MORTIFIED, but the more I think about the funnier it gets. Then I put in the second roll and half of it is MORE sex. crazy i tell ya, crazy. I texted everyone I had on my phone, I was stuck upstairs by myself not able to tell anyone, plus I dont know anyone at work. It was just crazy. haha. I couldnt print them and had to put a little slip about porn in their envelope.

Also, we got a wii fit, well its adams. He got it for his birthday. Its fun, some of the stuff is hard. Like I have never ever done yoga and there is yoga and its SO hard. but I am going to try to get into it and maybe my muscles and body will feel better. I am really trying to be healthy and change some things in my life. I want to be more positive and not worry about little things. I came out here to get away from all that, not to be stressed all the time. So i need to really work on it. I am going to run 3 days a week, but not on the cleanse. and eat healthy and try to just feel better.

Still I am really hoping this China thing works out. it would mean I would be home for like 2-4 days before we leave, which definitely isnt that long, but I will make it work. Probably wont see any friends but I will see my family and try to fit as much in as possible.

I have been crafting alot, I love it and I sent some out already and have 5 more waiting here! I am so excited that I am actually getting my butt in gear about this. Also, Robyn and I have our zine which hasnt been worked on in a LONG time and we are supposed to come out with three issues and I dont know if that is going to be possible. but I guess we will try. We need to make goals. like when they will come out and stuff like that. But it should be good.

I miss you home. You all need to come to halifax and sit in point pleasant and listen to the water and take it all in.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i guess the last few weeks i havent really been feeling the greatest.
i feel lost, and not belonged. I really miss my wonderful friends, but i absolutely love this city. I wish I could take all of my friends and bring them out here to live. haha, because i will never in my life live in toronto again.

we had our first set of visitors. jenn, jenna (who actually moved here) and jenns friend, tedd came. we did lots of fun stuff and they all loved it. tedd even went swimming in the ocean off of point pleasant, we only went up to our thighs. i've got a really good tan going on from being outside so much, which is wicked. it was really nice having company, although it was a tad crazy, it was nice seeing someone from home. laura (adams sister) got here on wed the day before jenn and tedd left. so its been a pretty crazy two weeks for us. we did lots of fun things when laura was here too, like peggys cove (which we also went to the following week), we had a games night at erins which was super fun, and went dancing and beaching and it was all fun. I realized Halifax is like a bigger, better version of waterloo. It has the character like that, but bigger and the ocean is here, so rather than waterloo park its like that all around. Just sucks the people in waterloo arent here, cuz that was one of the best summers of my life.

I really miss waterloo people, especially from being here. I miss alot of people. but hopefully i will be back for a week in august, but its hard to see everyone i am craving to see when im only there for a week.

Adam and i are hopefully going overseas to teach english at the end of the summer, which is WONDERFUL. we will be gone for a year or longer, and we cant bring hank and stan so thats balls. i need to send more mail, but i cant afford it. HAHA. i have crafts pre packaged. so be expecting shit, well some of you.

if you want stuff asap. send me your address now.

well to all my HOMEies. i miss you guys so hard you dont even know. i love you all forever and promise to keep in touch wherever we go. though, i will probably end up living in nova scotia forever and have babies and a real job, so you will have to come visit me. but then you all will be able to afford it with real jobs and shit! haha.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

this past week(end) has been just wonderful.
planted a garden(well not planted but dug it up for the planting) along with help from adam and amir, and robyn of course, considering its OUR garden.

went on many bike rides, drunken ones, sober ones, afternoon ones, night ones, rain ones even.

played some frisbee, which is definitely not unusual here.

crafted, aka worked on our zine. Which by the way is going to be amazing. test kitchen, lots o recipes, and fuck all around its just going to be wicked.

made alot of homemade meals. some burgs, red curry, chicken curry stuff, homemade soup, and just lots of good creations.

ate ice cream at the harbour with my aunt and adam.

ran to point pleasant park.

found a WHOLE sea urchin and a crab shell, saw jelly fish, and starfish and alive sea urchins.

went to a party at jessi and justins, and we hung out in the shed and the cops came.

today is a clothing swap, i have so many clothes, and i just got rid of a bunch before i moved but i managed to scrounge alot of shit up anyways. hopefully there are some goodies. also today i get to meet alexis, which i am definitely excited about. WELCOME HOME GIRL.

I love my life.