Thursday, May 21, 2009

okay. the internet is down for 2 weeks at my school, and i dont seem to get to the internet cafe that often. i mean, i really dont like going to that non air conditioned place to be on the internet. im not one to love online, i know i must go on to email people and communicate and what not, but i dont enjoy the internet so i stay away. so i will update my blog now so that you will all get a little update until our internet is fixed.

only 3 weeks til bali. holy moly, i am so excited. im gonna get so brown, even though i already am, but even MORE. im gonna go bungee jumping. i am gonna do a morning trek on a volcano and watch the sunrise from the top. im gonna eat SO much western food. and cheese. and im gonna buy oleh oleh(souveniors) for my lovely peeps at home and finally send a package out. thats all i have planned. oh and learn to surf.

denni got a job promotion, dunno if i said this already. he is now supervisor of the only macbeth store in the world. pretty cool. i think if he stays there, one day he will get to move to bali and work in their head offices. he loves his job, which is super cool, cuz i dont love mine. speaking of that. its not that i dont love my job, i very much enjoy teaching and getting to know my students and most of them are very very cool. but the office, the bullshit, the salary sucks. i mean, i can deal with bs at work, everyone has to, its usually a part of life. but i know that there are other jobs out there that pay more with maybe the same amount of BS, so i might as well go to the other schools so i can pay my bills, and maybe even come home. though, i cannot switch jobs until sept/oct when my contract is up. but thats soon so i will deal.

yesterday we had a holiday, it was a christian holiday, weird that our christian country, canada, does not celebrate this holiday, anyways, just a day off for me. danny, his gf yuni and denni and i went to the beach. apparently its a 2 hour drive and we took the motorcycles, but dennis tires are bad so we took barry's automatic bike cuz he was in penang, well his tire was flat and has been for quite some time. and shortly after that his splash guard fell off in the middle of the road. i really thought we werent gonna make it. it started raining but we were just laughing about our bad luck by this time. we finally made it to the beach at 3, and the water was SO gross, we opted for the waterpark next to it. it was super fun. denni was so cute and silly and it made me so happy. me and danny were laughing about how much of a little kid he was acting like. running from each waterslide just so excited. it was really fun though. after it closed we went to the beach and watched the sunset and ate coconut. it was a really really good day. then went to eat sushi to celebrate jamie's birthday. yum. then home, and tired, sleep now. haha.

today at work i spilt a whole bunch of ink all over me and my clothing. it sucks. alot.

we get a new guy today, he will be living in the bedroom next to me for a bit then moving to labu. he is 40 yrs old from new zealand. im scared. haha.

there really isnt much to say. im just REALLY looking forward to a proper holiday. the word proper has definitely been adapted from my british roomates, sometimes i say reckon too. what the fuck.

aku rindu semua kalian sekaliiiiii. i think that makes sense.
aku cinta kamu sekali dan mau melihat kamu sekarang. aku harap seorang datang disini. tolong.

get a translator out bitches. then post a comment and tell me what that says.

Friday, May 8, 2009

i figure maybe i should give a true update, well really, my aunt linda said she missed my posts so here i am writing.

im in the crazy internet cafe where all my friends who are boys are playing counterstrike, its a friday night? really? common boys. well they are going to the club later so fair enough.

tomorrow i must wake up at 4 am, are you fucking kidding me? we are going to bukit lawang, the jungle and my friends are driving which is so sweet cuz the bus is kinda really hellish. so i guess i will deal with the 4 am wake up.

ah i must go.
ps there was an earthquake in medan tonight but i didnt feel it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i really truly wish that somebody would come visit me.

i need some western world good friends to come on over. puh leez.