Friday, November 20, 2009

only in asia.

im going to try my hardest to update this daily.

i have arrived in indonesia.
today on the way to the airport in kuala lumpur me and my friend angga were in a taxi and the tire popped. the driver pulled over to check it out, it was fully popped, could see the rim. he kept driving, slowly, to the airport. only only here would this happen.

ive been bitten by a thousand ants already. fuck.

it was amazing to see denni. he sounded sick though. he is at school now. has exams. its my friends birthday, and i dunno if i said this before but for your birthday you must pay for everyone. so we will go to one of my favourite places called, nelayan. it has dimsum and shit and im gonna get bihun seafood goreng and crab and corn soup and im stoked. i had a watermelon juice already. it was delish. and im so tired.

last night i was in malaysia visiting my friends. it was wonderful. we got baked and drank some beer and just hung out. i didnt see anything there at all. but i didnt really have the energy to. i will go back.

my flight was alright. not bad. not good. long. obviously.
i met a guy from mississauga who dates a girl from sheridan's photography program. weird. he is an underwater photographer. cool. and they didnt order me vegetarian meal, but it ended up being okay because there was salmon. my legs were swollen after the flight. apparently thats bad.

i already miss everyone. and english. but its fun being around everything so different.

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