Sunday, December 6, 2009

only in indo.

in indonesia you can rent a room in a karaoke bar, and have a private party. someone dj's and usually people drink and do ecstasy, but i would say the latter is the more popular of the two. you can choose to lock the door and not allow workers to come in, and thats exactly what a group of young adults did on friday night.

they locked the door of their KTV (private party) room, so that nobody could come in. well, that was a pretty stupid idea. because while they were in there partying there was a fire in the building. people tried to knock on the door to get these people out, but they did not hear, nor answer. fearing for their lives, the workers all left. the power went out, but this is usual thing in indonesia. we called it mati lampu, blackouts. so they sat in this room and waited for them to turn on the generators. all the while, the building was on fire. there were 23 people in the room and they all died.

this is obviously very tragic, but how could you be so so stupid? im a very sympathetic person, but when something like this happens, i sometimes just feel like what the fuck were they thinking? and if they had used one bit of their brain they would have realized something bad was going on, or at least opened their door to see what was going on. so as sad as it is that 23 people lost their life, i will hope that people take this as a lesson. i dont feel much sympathy for them. i dont feel much sympathy for people who call on god to take them. and i believe if you are destroying your body, especially if doctors have recommended you not to, then im sorry, but you are speeding up the process of your death, and that i do not sympathize with.

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Jolene said...

The tragedy is that it has been made possible for things like this to happen. At IEC do you ever remember there being and earthquake or fire drill for the teachers, let alone the students. People aren't expected to think rationally about these things and it always ends badly.