Tuesday, December 15, 2009

xmas is in one week.
i feel bummed.
i talked to bestamor last night. it was good. but it really made me miss canada.
it may be just one day of the year but i really liked spending that time with my family. it was great to see everyone when i was home. my friends, my family and all my new friends.
we are having a bbq here for xmas. not really a xmas party cuz we wont celebrate it the same way, but just kinda a party so we are not lonely on xmas, and we can appreciate our good friends here. and not think about our family and friends at home :(
denver will be here. denver is my bestfriend from highschool. im really really excited cuz we havent spent more than a couple hours together since highschool, and he is a really fucking cool dude. adams sister, laura is here, but i dont think i will get a chance to see her, which is obviously a bummer.
ill keep looking up though. not focusing on things that go wrong. its working pretty well. i feel real happy and relaxed. work is work. and thats that.
but my life is for fun and happiness and thats how its gonna be.

i really miss everyone and everything. i hope this gets a little easier.

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